Congratulations on completing the Ho'oponopono Workshop!
As a thank you for becoming an Ambassador of Aloha, I want to give you a special offer on my Life-Changing Ho'oponopono Course
An Exclusive Online 3-part LIVE workshop with me, Jeana Iwalani Naluai
BIG NEWS!! This is a limited time offer.  Join a global network of people coming together to heal themselves and the world with Aloha.  To support you during this time of crisis, receive a 60% discount by ordering today.
Master the Teachings of HO'OPONOPONO
Shift the energy from anxious overwhelm to extraordinary courage.
Learn How to Navigate Uncertain Times with Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom
  • How to MAINTAIN YOUR MANA, personal power, at a time when it's easy to feel powerless
  • RELEASE the collective anxiety and make way for miracles to pour in
  • DEEPLY CONNECT and listen to the Voice of the Soul
  •  REFLECT the energetic of love, strength, perseverance and harmony to one another
  •  ACCESS your gifts and spread the epidemic of Aloha
  •  SEE BEYOND what is happening right now and STAND in your magnificent future
As you continue the Journey of Ho'oponopono with me, the confidence to handle any challenge and see limitless possibilities will get better and stronger with each lesson!
Monday, April 20. 9am-10am Hawaii Time
Wednesday, April 22. 9am-10am Hawaii Time
Friday, April 24. 9am-10am Hawaii Time
Jeana's Story: Ho'oponopono Changed My Life...And Now, It Can Do the Same For You
A month ago, I was SO busy. Three businesses, four kids, a blog, my husband, my friends. Hula class, birthday parties, community outreach. I loved the people, I loved my work and in a single moment...everything stopped. Everything.

Suddenly I found myself in unfamiliar territory.  I had no customers. The doors on my businesses were closed. Classes cancelled. I had to lay off my staff. I felt like each moment brought a new message of terror. It was like waiting for the tidal wave to pass over so I could finally come up for air.

I began to act on the deep voice inside to explore my native Hawaiian roots. The same teachings that have gotten me through every major life shift over the past two decades.

My beloved mentor, Aunty Mahilani Poepoe, taught me the Hawaiian perspective - nothing happens by accident.  There are no coincidences. Every challenge and struggle is the perfect place to learn to make right, more right.  Ho'oponopono.

It's time to put every teaching she gave me into practice because the world is looking for guidance in these uncertain times. My auntie Mahi told me the teachings of Aloha would heal the world.

But I can't do this alone. I need you to create this epidemic of Aloha with me.

Using these sample principles, we will rise up together to bring change. We need to use our mana, our power, to shift the energy around us and become Masters of this Moment.
Introducing: HO'OPONOPONO
The Hawaiian System and Spiritual Practices to Feel Grounded, Hopeful and Empowered in Challenging Times
I've created this 3-part LIVE workshop Series to help you navigate the current crisis with courage and confidence.  The Complete HO'OPONOPONO Course is available exclusively on this page and this one is going to be special — we will be gathering LIVE on video chat so you can co-create each session with me. 

We will be applying the ancient Hawaiian wisdom of Ho'oponopono to your personal situation. Answering your specific questions. Addressing your unique challenges. In a word, this workshop is for YOU.

This course is the greatest GIFT I could ever imagine giving a person that is ready and committed to allowing all of the possibilities Spirit has to offer… and it’s the ultimate guide to being anchored in the midst of chaos.  You'll have an abundance of:
  • Inspiration
  • Real-life Case Studies and Examples
  • Guided Meditations
  •  Worksheets
  •  Mantras
  •  Daily Practices
  •  ...and So Much More
A Simple Practice to Transform Your Mindset
  •  Recognize the Source of Challenges in Your Life: 2 key questions you can ask yourself so you know EXACTLY where you need to focus your attention to solve the problem
  • Rewrite the Stories Weighing You Down: Easy to use strategies to IMMEDIATELY clear your energy field and invite more freedom and happiness into your life
  • Release the story that something is happening TO you:  Learn ONE simple shift that will allow you to see how every thing is working FOR you.
A Guide to Create Unity, Oneness and Connection 
  • The Step-by-Step Process you can us to bring healing to your community through Ho'oponopono, even under quarantine
  • 3 essential ingredients you need to Start Loving Yourself Enough to claim your divine power
  • Daily Meditations you can use immediately to cultivate calm, creativity and ability to access to spiritual solutions
Ancestral, Generational and Family Ties
  • Generational wounds have an impact on your present day experience. Learn to clear them so you can be free
  • The key to healing past life trauma once and for all
  • Learn to access strength from all of your ancestors who lived through catastrophic events throughout history and survived. Rise up and claim your birthright of resilience.
If you'd like to experience the power of Ho'oponopono in your own life, at the lowest possible price, click the button "CLAIM MY SPOT NOW" below.  Enter your details and you're in!

You will get instant, lifetime access to the video trainings. All you have to do is check your email and access the link to the online classroom.

Class begins Monday, April 20, 2020 at 9am Hawaii time

Join today and begin to unleash the powerful practice of Ho’oponopono in your life.
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